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Jan 22, 2022

On behalf of the staff of the Town and Country Development Planning Office it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to browse our website. The Town and Country Development Planning Office (TCDPO) has the responsibility for the orderly and progressive development of Barbados. In an effort to meet this challenge and to ensure that development is sustainable, the TCDPO uses the Physical Development Plan as a broad administrative policy tool to chart settlement, growth patterns and the allocation of land to various uses. However, this document is not the sole determinant of the decision making process. The Town and Country Planning Act Cap 240 and the Town and Country Planning Development Order 1972 clearly mandate the power of the Minister and the Chief Town Planner in the process.

The Chief Town Planner is also required by statute to consult with various agencies of government in an effort to ensure that the best possible information is obtained at all times to enhance the decision making process. This multi-disciplinary approach to the planning process embraces the dynamism which is required to make the best informed and rational decision. Land use planning in a small island developing state is challenging. In Barbados, the challenge becomes greater when the density of the population is factored into the equation.

Barbados had been transformed over the years from an agrarian economy into a costal economy that is heavily dependent on tourism. While tourism has its many benefits, there is need for vigilant development control to ensure that the marine environment is not compromised. Given the importance of tourism to our economy, it is imperative that tourism development is sustainable and to this end, the Chief Town Planner depends heavily on the assistance of the Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU) in the decision making process. Collaboratively, the combined efforts of TCDPO and CZMU have met reasonably good success in protecting the coastal zone. The land use choices we make impact the quality of our environment and its ability to provide for present and future generations. It does not depend on whether it is a new highway, residential subdivision, hotel, villa, or developing community plans to ensure that our neighbourhoods are sustainable, the environment will always be shaped by the choices we make. The TCDPO is here to foster good planning in order to create communities that offer the best possible choices for persons to live and work. The TCDPO also wish to invite the populace to play a meaningful role in creating sustainable communities.

As you visit our website, I hope you find the information interesting and of use for your general information or research project. Feel free to share your views with us in order that we may improve to serve you better.


Mr. Mark Cummins
Chief Town Planner

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