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Jan 22, 2022
The Use Classes Order

No development is involved by a change of use from one purpose to another within one of the use classes specified in the use classes order. 

The order specifies fifteen (15) different categories of use for the purposes of paragraph (f) under Statutory Provisions - Uses Excluded From Definition Of  Development, so that a change of use within the same Class DOES NOT INVOLVE the development of land.

The effect of the Use Classes is to specify that a change which results in a new use supplanting an old use and falling within the same use Class is not        development.  Where a building or other land is  used for a purpose of any class specified in the schedule, the use of that building or that other land for any purpose of the same class is not to be taken to involve the development of the land.

However, a change of use between two use classes will constitute development if it involves a material change of use.

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