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Jan 22, 2022
Development Control Areas

In order to facilitate the organisation and management of the development control function, the Island has been divided into five(5) geographical areas - A, B, C, D and E (Figure 1).  There is a defined organizational structure within each development control area that is characterised by a hierarchy of duties and functions.

Each development control area operates as a distinct unit, separate from the other four.  However, the management system and the processing of applications are similar throughout all the development control areas.

Structure of Development Control Areas
The Chief Town Planner has overall responsibility for the administration of functions in all development control areas.  To this end, he is assisted by two Senior Town Planners who are entrusted with the supervision of the development control section.  Each development control area is headed by a Town Planner/Assistant Town Planner who is responsible for the daily management of the area.  The Town Planner/Assistant Town Planner is supported by a Senior Planning Assistant whose responsibility it is to secure the proper functioning of the area through work assignment, monitoring and supervision of Planning Assistants. Planning Assistants are generally responsible for the preparation of initial reports on applications.

Development Control Areas
Figure 1: Development Control Areas

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