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Jan 22, 2022
The Water Protection Policy

The Groundwater Protection Policy was established in 1963 as a result of the recommendations of the Tullstrom Study.  These policies were revised in 1973 and are as follows:-

  1. Owners of existing properties in Zone 1 areas be allowed to rebuild their houses and to install water closets and showers under the following conditions:-

    (a) houses should remain as one-family dwellings;
    (b) where a water closet is installed waste disposal should be by means of a septic tank and a filter bed of activated carbon and a soak away no deeper than 15 feet;
  2. There should be no change in the use of existing buildings; and
  3. There should be no subdivision of land where vacant lots will be created.

The areas of greatest restriction are classified as Zone 1 and normally no new developments are allowed by either the Town and Country Development Planning Office or the Environmental Protection Department. However, in cases where buildings already exist on the land, a replacement or improvement will be permitted (provided that the building existed prior to July 1973 or received the approval of the appropriate authority).



Zone 1 (Relaxed Policy)
(Existing buildings)

Septic tank with carbon activated filter bed and a well not more than 15 ft. (4.5m) deep.

Zone 2 Septic tank and a well not more than 20 ft. (6.0m) deep.
Zone 3 Two wells one each for sewage and domestic waste (kitchen, bathroom, laundry) with each well a maximum of 40 ft. (12.1m) deep.
Zones 4 & 5 A single well of no specified depth.


View the water zone interactive tool to see the layouts of the various zones.

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