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Jan 22, 2022
Chattel Houses

Requirements for The Erection of a Chattel House

  1. Four (4) copies of a location plan to a scale of 1:2500m showing clearly the location of the property in relation to the nearest identifiable road junction or other land-mark. The names of all roads and such other descriptions as may be necessary to identify the property should be marked on the block plan.
  2. Four (4) copies of a plan drawn to a scale of not less 1:200m in sufficient detail to show the layout of the proposed house in relation to any existing building on the land and to the boundaries of the plot on which it is situated, and layout of any proposed existing road or other vehicular access.
  3. An application fee of ten dollars ($10.00).

The orientation of the property shall be indicted by means of a North Point on each drawing or plan and the scale to which drawing is drawn shall be noted thereon.

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