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Jan 22, 2022
Staff Resources

The number of established and temporary posts assigned to the TCDPO has increased significantly over the years in tandem with the volume and nature of the duties that the office now performs.
In 1969, the total number of established posts was 16, and these comprised:

  • The Chief Town Planner
  • 2 Assistant Town Planners
  • The Chief Planning Assistant
  • 4 Senior Planning Assistants
  • 3 Planning Assistants
  • 4 Junior Planning Assistants
  • 1 Draughtsman

The number of permanent staff gradually increased over the period 1976 to 1999 when the number of permanent posts mushroomed to meet the professional, technical and administrative needs of the Office. In 1999, the TCDPO boasted of a staff roll of 60, which was twice that of its 1976 level. This increase in staff was one of the recommendations for institutional strengthening proposed by the Environment Management and Land Use Planning Project 1997 and the newly created posts were spread across all sections of the TCDPO.
Following the recent institutional strengthening, the current staff complement is seventy-two (72) persons. Of the seventy-two posts, seventeen (17) or 24 % are considered professional, twenty-nine (29) or 40 %  technical and twenty-six (26) or 36% general administrative, clerical and secretarial.

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