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Jan 22, 2022
Types of Application

Permitted Development

Permitted Development is development that does not require the permission of Chief Town Planner or Minister, but is subject to statutory planning standards and other conditions as set out in the TCPDO, 1972 Order, such as building line, side and rear distances, plot coverage, and road reserve to which there must be adherence. However, Permitted Development is not unrestricted development, as there are limitations. It excludes all lands falling within the Scotland District for certain classes of development and all lands within Zone I of the Water Protection Area.

Permitted development public, may involve building development in all the major classes of development, sundry minor operations and the change of use of building and land to any use within the same Use Class.   Invariably, however, there is a statutory requirement that the Chief Town Planner certifies plans of the development before the development begins as well as notification in writing to the Chief Town Planner of the start of the development.

Formal Application

Development, which cannot be carried out under the TCPDO, 1972, requires formal application to the CTP for permission.

Formal permission resulting from such an application involves the specific grant of approval for a particular development that is issued pursuant to the submission of an application to the Chief Town Planner under Sections 16, 17, 18 of the Town and Country Planning Act, Cap. 240.

Applicants have a choice of applying for either outline or full planning permission when the application is to erect a building. The purpose of the outline application is to establish the principle of the development, without the necessity of submitting full details of the proposal. The benefit is that the applicant need only provide the minimum information necessary for decision-making; including the description of the development, a site and location plan. Any matters relating to the siting, design, or external appearance of the building, or the layout of the land or the means of access thereto, are reserved for the subsequent approval of the Chief Town Planner on a further application. However, the Chief Town Planner has the right to request full details of the proposal in circumstances where he considers that an outline application ought not to be considered separately from the design and related elements.

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