Barbados Physical Development Plan 2017

Town & Country Development Planning Office

What is the PDP?

The Physical Development Plan Amended 2017, for Barbados is intended to provide a vision for sustainable growth and development of the nation by setting out policies to guide relationships among land uses, built form, mobility, community facilities and physical infrastructure. It is also intended to be a framework to facilitate and guide investment, both public and private, in Barbados to the year 2035 to advance a healthy, prosperous and resilient nation.


You are hereby advised that the Town & Country Planning Office will be accepting comments regarding the Draft PDP Amendment 2017 until 15th March 2017. Comments can be submitted to the email address or via the comment form located at the bottom of each webpage.

Also the PDP can be downloaded from the download section of the website.

History of the PDP
Old Bridgetown, Louie Bailey
The first Physical Development Plan for Barbados was published in 1970 and came fully into operation in 1976.

Key Concepts
Tom Adams' Financial Centre Park'
Focuses on protecting core assets, a growth management framework, advancing mobility, promoting sustainable development and land use.

Bridgetown during the day
Physical planning is undertaken in Barbados for the orderly and progressive development of land and for the preservation and improvement of core assets, infrastructure and related amenities.